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I am a curious, solution-oriented, software developer with a passion for building clean, maintainable, and human-centered applications. After studying Computer Science at the University of Georgia, I joined Griffin & Strong where I engineered data analysis pipelines for four governments. I currently work at Guidehouse where I support a variety of agile consulting teams through development of interactive dashboards, data models, ETL pipelines, and automated workflows. I am eager to contribute to a team where I can leverage my data engineering and consulting experience to support full stack development.


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Data Profiler

A cross-platform GUI application which allows the user to input any Excel or CSV file and generate a profile including data warnings, gaps, correlations, as well as a variety of statistical measures based on the interpreted data types. This gives a high-level understanding of data files with very little effort, allowing the user to solve problems with confidence.
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Python PyQt5

Plot 12

PASSNYC: Data Science for Good

A comprehensive analysis giving recommendations to PASSNYC for how they should allocate resources to increase SHSAT participation in historically underrepresented communities.
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Python Matplotlib Seaborn Plotly

organic avocado price forecast

Forecasting Avocado Prices

This analysis makes use of the open-source prophet library to make predictions on avocado prices based on historical time series data. View Analysis

Python Pandas Prophet

inspiredby artist screen


A crowdsourcing web application for learning who inspired your favorite artists. This application creates a table in the open source MusicBrainz database for storing which artists inspired a particular artist. This gives users high quality information based on primary sources of how a particular artist ended up sounding the way they do.

MySQL AngularJS Java Wikipedia API

graphics engine

3D Graphics Engine with OpenGL

This program reads data files containing lines based in three dimensional points. The program takes the points and applies perspective projection techniques to simulate the 3D shape at an angle based on the user specified viewpoint. The white square is the viewport and will crop any lines that go beyond it.

C++ OpenGL


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Computer Science, B.S.
University of Georgia
GPA: 3.55



Programming Principles I/II

Object Oriented Programming, Java

Systems Programming

Unix, C, C++

Data Structures

Algorithms, C++

Discrete Math

Formal Logic

Numerical Simulations in Science and Engineering


Web Programming

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

Theory of Computation

Automata, Turing Machines

Computer Graphics

C++, OpenGL

Artificial Intelligence

Searches, Prolog

Computer Architecture and Organization


Computer Networks

Java, Wireshark

Database Management Systems

Relational Algebra, MySQL

Calculus I/II

Computing, Ethics, and Society